About Our Organization

Bhutanese Chamber of Creatives in WA (BCCWA)

BCCWA is a not-for-profit organiastion based in Western Australia primarily formed to help in human resource development and investment funding. 

  • BCCWA will aspire to work with the state and local Governments in Australia to promote resource conservation by constantly advocating on local culture, importance of protecting the local resources and  the environment. 
  • Along our virtues, BCCWA will work with Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) and promote trainings and networking sessions. 
  • BCCWA will promote educational lessons and sessions on local life style, English learning, recreational activities and promoting literature. 
  • BCCWA will work with other charitable organisations in promoting cross organisational values and ethics of social welfare. Efforts and promotions will be made to reach out to the disadvantaged, disabled and challenged individuals in the society. 
  • BCCWA will assist in domestic violence victims and advocating laws, regulations on domestic violence. 
  • BCCWA will provide special assistance for the individuals and families hurt by domestic violence by connecting to agencies, organisations, and through sustainable community driven safe activities. 
  • BCCWA will assist in promotion of local businesses by organising events, activities and programmes. 
  • BCCWA will promote entrepreneurship and socio-economic conditions of the local community by making sustainability in development the core of our organisations vision, mission and value. 

BCCWA in its entirety is a conglomerate of Business within Business, operationalised and promoted by the Bhutanese entrepreneurs and Bhutanese Business owners living in Western Australia in collaboration with the Royal Bhutanese Embassy in Canberra and the Government of Western Australia. BCCWA is on board on a mission to develop a solid, authentic and vibrant business relations between Bhutan and Australia. 

With a clear focus and understanding on developing cross country foreign trade and tourism, investments and resource diversification, BCCWA believes that the formation of such a group will have direct and long lasting effect on lifestyle, attitude and business foundation between Bhutan and Australia.

BCCWA is formulated with a razor sharp vision and crafted with genuine passion and determination. The Group boasts of achieving quality standards when it comes to community development in WA, cross country trade, resource diversification and augmenting growth beyond borders. In this business, growth will be seen in many forms starting from infrastructure towards human resources combined with psychological development of the population in Bhutan and Western Australia. In order to achieve our milestones, these mission, vision and values therefore form the core existence of BCCWA.


Cementing a strong socio-economic growth in Bhutan and Australia through robust trade, innovative tourism, balanced investment and progressive human resource.


Creating a secure future for the past, present and emerging where income, investment and infrastructure benefits people in Australia and Bhutan.

1. Consistency;
2. Skills;
3. Hardwork;
4. Humility;
5. Culture and tradition;
6. Innovation;
7. Progress.

Investing and developing real estate, term deposits, HR development, infrastructure development, skills enhancement, plus many other attractive investment avenues in Australia and Bhutan.

Investing to create a value based market

Real Estate

We invest in real estate in Australia and Bhutan.


We invest to promote tourism for Bhutan and Australia.

Active market development

We prioritise market driven developments for entrepreneurs, B2B, B2C, G2B, investors, FDI.

Target: Members, Investors, Volunteers and Patrons


Projects We have planned for 5 Years

$ 0 000

Funds We Are Targeting to Collect so far



Our milestone in numbers (Target)

Join the mission to make this happen.
First BCCWA Centre in Perth, Western Australia

Helping each other can make world better

Perth has become the go to destination for most Bhutanese choosing to study overseas. A growing number of Bhutanese is also exploring options and potential avenues to live in Perth and make Perth their next home.