BCCWA Centre

Brief Intro

Year 2023 commemorates 21 Years of diplomatic relations between Australia and Bhutan and 54 years since the first Bhutanese came to Western Australia, BCCWA is officially launched on social media and registered with the Department of Commerce as of 28 December 2022. Official signing of incorporation along with members meet is proposed in coming weeks once the Department has endorsed the incorporation. BCCWA is the voice of entrepreneurs and Bhutanese businesses in Perth, Western Australia. This Group is an epitome of success and hard work in a new home land.

In so fulfilling our service, we are looking forward to implement robust policies, way of doing things and dynamic relations amongst Bhutanese entrepreneurs and local entrepreneurs, and businesses in Perth. In doing this, we are looking to introduce a business cooperative scheme that will guarantee a voice against any challenges or issues we face as a business overseas.

BCCWA was built and borne through the ideals of hard work, passion and innovation. It is through the infusion of cultural norms, modern development and traditional synergy that the values of BCCWA rests on. BCCWA amongst its passion and vision, we are on board on a mission to develop a solid and vibrant business relations between Bhutan and Australia.

Mission: Cementing a strong socio-economic growth in Bhutan and Australia through robust trade, innovative tourism, balanced investment and progressive human resource.

Vision: Creating a secure future for the past, present and emerging where income, investment and infrastructure benefits as many people as possible.


  1. Consistency;
  2. Skills;
  3. Hardwork;
  4. Humility;
  5. Culture and tradition;
  6. Innovation;
  7. Progress.

BCCWA Centre

BCCWA Centre is a great place to do business. It is a place where businesses and entrepreneurs will meet. A place that will provide solace through networking and a great place to groom new entrepreneurs and start ups. Proposed to be built on a 1000 m2 land in WA through joint venture funding and with assistance from the Government of Western Australia, BCCWA Centre will host quality gatherings, high profile meetings, venues for games and sports, gathering for multicultural events, celebration of local events, and will provide the best synergy of Bhutan and Australia. The Centre will also provide entertainment venues to generate income. The Centre will have 2 permanent Officers working through the Centre providing services on a timely basis. 

Some of the services include:

  1. Legal services;
  2. Business Consulting;
  3. Business networking;
  4. Investment forums;
  5. Investment meetings;
  6. Entrepreneurs meet ups;
  7. Trainings and Workshops on Finance and Investments.

The Centre will be a step-by-step Project wherein we will first start with a architectural blend of Bhutanese and Australian designs. The intricate designs of Bhutanese culture and tradition will be widely visible inside the venue with the external facade and built finish predominantly Australian designs inspired by the Australian nature. The satin feature facade embossed with Bhutanese traditional window and door. A timber pergola along with a quasi-outdoor type kitchen will greet a very cozy welcome to the visitors. The Centre will also have radio and TV presenting services. 

Should the venture be time poor to built the Centre as envisioned, BCCWA will first start off with a pre-built warehouse available in the market. A decent condition warehouse will be sufficient for the Centre as we plan on renovating to make suit for the purpose. Proposed locations being explored are Bayswater, Joondalup, Wangara, Wanneroo, Canningvale. 

The Centre is purely built for business purpose and will be primarily focused on profit based activities but will be available to help and assist other organisations primarily ABPI.